The Memorial Garden at St. George’s Anglican Church was established in the 1970’s. The Garden and the recent addition of the “Walk of Remembrance” is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and to the memories of those who have gone before us. It is the final resting place for the cremated remains of parishioners and their family members. It provides a living way to remember loved ones, and a place to celebrate life.

Placement of Ashes

Our practice is that the ashes are interred in a small hole and therefore become part of the soil, giving life to the garden as they return to the earth from which we come, thus completing a cycle of life. A short liturgy accompanies this act. All ashes are interred, not scattered, and no containers are used. There are no distinguishing marks placed in the garden. After placement an etched memorial brick may be added into the “Walk of Remembrance.” The placement of the brick can be part of the Interment Service. An accurate record of these interments is kept in the parish office.

How to arrange a placement

To arrange placement of a deceased loved one, the family should talk first with one of the clergy. Placements can be pre-planned at any time during life.

Fees and Paperwork

There is a modest fee for interment in the Memorial Garden which includes the creation of a memorial brick for the Walk of Remembrance, should one be desired. An interment Agreement will be supplied in advance for completion prior to the Interment Service.

Garden Maintenance

The Memorial Garden is maintained by volunteers, organized by those on the Parish Council who oversee care of the church grounds. New volunteers are always welcome.

Financial Sustainment

Construction and maintenance of the garden is financed by interment fees, donations and a small budget. Gifts to the Memorial Garden are welcome at any time.

For more information or to arrange an interment, contact our church office.

It is our hope that the Memorial Garden will be a living way to remember loved ones, and to provide a place of beauty for all.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25