The St George’s Community Theatre is excited to announce the production of a classic pantomime: Cinderella will be performed in the nave of St. George’s Cadboro Bay on the first weekend of December 2019. This will be a fun production that aims to bridge newcomers to the stage, with seasoned professionals. 

Audition Information

If you are considering auditioning, please read through the following carefully. We are looking for community-minded people to not only enjoy putting on the performances, but the journey together to get there.

What is pantomime?

Traditionally, British pantomime is a form of ‘over the top’ or ‘campy’ stage comedy typically including elements such as songs, gags, slapstick, gender-crossed characters, etc. Pantomime is intended as all-ages entertainment, is often staged during the Christmas season and is usually based on a well-known fairy tale or fable. We’re choosing Cinderella (and here’s why). The audience is expected to participate, such as in shouting phrases to the performers. They are guided/helped in this by hints from the characters on stage.

Why are we auditioning in April for a show in December?

We are doing this to have a cast ready – and committed – to begin rehearsals as soon as school is back in session in September, with as little fuss as possible for everyone. Also, some of the performers with more lines to learn will have scripts over the summer months. The show director, when performing, has a heck of a time lodging lines into his noggin. For some people it is a snap. Everyone’s different. So why not provide the opportunity for people to have their script longer?

Notes on casting/auditioning:

Those interested in auditioning do not need to pre-prepare anything. At the audition there will be audition materials. As a first-time show at St. George’s, we want the auditions process to be as enjoyable and pressure-free as possible. All are welcomed and encouraged to audition, regardless of their experience level or physical type. We are also less interested in people fitting exactly within the age range of the casted characters than we are in whether they can adequately portray those characters. Audience members react best to a tight knit cast of people they are willing to believe during the moments of the show more than whether someone simply ‘looks’ the part. Regarding experience level, our director (Terry Rowsell) is experienced in guiding new people who show promise and a willingness to work and trust in his direction. His goal is to provide to St. George’s as good a show as possible and to help those involved discover new things in themselves.

While we can work with less experienced actors, we do need people that can sing (and no, we are not looking for operatic divas). For instance, a crackly ugly step sister will sing that way. She wouldn’t suddenly sound like Adelle. No one would believe that!

Please sign up, wear comfortable clothes and footwear, and be on time for your audition. It’s that easy! You’ll find we’re a friendly bunch. Finally, it would be helpful when you do sign up to indicate the role or roles you are interested in so we are best prepared. If you are unsure, that’s ok too.

Interested? Please check out the roles that we have in mind, and complete the Audition Registration Form (below). Please email the form to [email protected] and we will respond with more information and a scheduled audition time.

Next chance for auditions is Saturday May 18th, 2019!  

Questions? For more information, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Questions about the show, or the characters, can be directed to Terry Rowsell’s mobile: (text or call 250-884-5083).

Questions about music/vocals/singing can be directed to Marlon Narciso at [email protected]

For all other inquiries about this show, contact Terry Carroll at (landline) 250-477-9870.