COVID19 NOTICE: All in person youth gatherings will resume at a date to be determined. Safety protocols from the Diocese of BC will be followed. Please keep an eye out for an update after the January 8th announcement. For more information please see the DOBC re-opening protocol attachment at the bottom of the page. Please contact: with any questions or concerns.

Are you interested in diving deeper into your faith? Have you ever had a question that you wanted to ask? Do you have opinions about the church?

Then you are welcome to join a small group of St.George's and St.Philip's youth who gather every Sunday afternoon starting at 2pm to discuss whatever they like!

After break, we are starting back up January 17

Topics have included:

  • Are the creeds still relevant today?
  • Disecting the 10 commandments 
  • What is evil in the world?
  • Why Baptism?
  • The Adam and Even Story

Every week is led by either a leader or a different youth and topics are decided as a group. 

For more information please email Leslie at: