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A Fire Has Decimated Europe's Largest Refugee Camp.

"Europe's largest refugee camp was already known to be a “living hell.” The former prison site was frequently without water, food, or electricity. Sexual violence was rife, children would play amongst rubbish, and there was minimal shelter or protection from cold nights.

But today, that description is brutally literal — after a night of devastating fires, footage online shows desperate children and their parents stumbling through shells of ashen, burnt-out structures, attempting to escape a blaze that has wiped out almost the entirety of the Moria refugee camp."

St. George's has received a generous $1,000 donation in response to this crisis and that we welcome additional donations.  The Social Justice and Outreach Team will assure that the funds collected go quickly to PWRDF or another reputable agency that is working on the ground to alleviate suffering.

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