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As we know our local community has many areas of need, and your Social Justice and Outreach Team recently contacted The Cool Aid Society to ask in what way we could help. With women’s clothing being well supplied, and socks covered by other sources…. 

 Their reply was that they were really in need of all sizes ….. 

 ·        Men’s Gloves

·        Men’s Warm Jogging Pants

·        Men’s Hoodies

 ·        Men’s Winter Coats

 **We will start collecting these clothing items for The Cool Aid Society starting on the First Sunday in Advent** 

Your Social Justice and Outreach Team would like to see many of these items placed around the Narthex Christmas Tree over the Advent Season! 

If you are unable to participate in the clothing project, we will also have Cool Aid as our December outreach agency. Monetary donations can be made in the usual way, by placing the blue Outreach envelopes in the Offertory plate, or accessing the Church website and using 

 Your Social Justice and Outreach Team will be taking the collected clothing items to Cool Aid at the end of Advent. 

 Thank you for your support and prayers for this worthy cause.