Music from Sunday worship all in one place!  

Please find below videos and mp3 files (at the very bottom of page) of the beautiful music our Music Director Marlon Narciso and our choir (each recording parts separately from their homes) have shared during this time of saying home to to protect one another's health.


Come And See

Words and Music written by: Lenny LeBlanc

Arrangement, Production and Performance by: Marlon Narciso

©Lenny LeBlanc 1997 Maranatha Music


Preghiera Per Pace (Prayer For Peace)

Music written by: Marlon Narciso

English and Italian Lyrics by: Connie Dunwoody

Vocal Performance, Arrangement and Production: Marlon Narciso

©BASIC Music Productions 2005


O Holy Night

Music by: Adolphe Adam Original French

Poem by: Placide Cappeau

Vocal Solo: Amanda Millar

Vocal Performances: St. George’s Soprano and Alto Sections and Marlon Narciso

Produced and Arranged by: Marlon Narciso


Mary, Did You Know?

Music: Buddy Greene

Lyrics: Mark Lowry

Vocal Performances: Jayne Postuk

Vocal Performances, Arrangement and Production: Marlon Narciso


In The Bleak Midwinter Traditional

Melody Arrangement: Sherry Potterfield

Vocal Performances: Signi Murgatroyd and Jayne Postuk

Piano: Charlotte Hale


O Come O Come Emmanuel
Traditional 12th century Latin hymn
English Translation by:  John Neale
Production, Arrangement and Vocal Performances by: Marlon Narciso
Vocal Performances: Connie Dunwoody
Children’s Vocal Performances by: Adrea Narciso, Melanie Narciso and Alyssa Celeste
Recorded at Basic Music Studio in 2005


Lead Me, Lord
Written by: Elizabeth and Wayne Goodine
Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocal Performances by: Marlon Narciso


In Flanders Fields Poem

written by: John McCrae

Music by: Anthony Hutchcroft

Instrumental Production by: Marlon Narciso

Performed by: The Dragon Song Men’s Choir


There Is A Place
Written by: Liam Lawton
Produced, arranged and performed by: Marlon Narciso


Home Written by: Andrew Pearson and Greg Holden

Vocal Performances: Belle Cantanti (Signi Murgatroyd, Jayne Postuk, Moira Millar, Amanda Millar, Heather Blackman, Kate Illingworth)

Additional Vocals, Instrumental Production: Marlon Narciso


Refiner’s Fire Original

Music and Lyrics: Brian Doerksen

Additional Bridge Music and Lyrics/ Arrangement, Production and Performance: Marlon Narciso


Give Thanks / How Great Thou Art
Writers: Henry Smith / Traditional Swedish Melody and Lyrics by Stuart Kline
Arrangement, Production and Performance: Marlon Narciso


His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Written by Charles Hutchison Gabriel and Sylvila Durfy Martin

Arrangement, Production and Performance by Marlon Narciso


With All I Am

Music and Lyrics: Reuben Morgan

Additional Bridge music and lyrics/Arrangement, Production and Performance: Marlon Narciso


We Being Many

Written by Marty Goetz

Produced and performed by Marlon Narciso


My Life Is In Your Hands

Written by Bill Montvilo and Kathy Troccoli

Produced and performed by Marlon Narciso


May It Be

Written by Enya and Roma Ryan

Performed by Signi Murgatroyd and Jayne Postuk

Produced by Marlon Narciso


When It’s All Been Said And Done
Written by James Cowan
Produced and Performed by Marlon Narciso


You Raise Me Up
Written by Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham
Vocals and Production by Marlon Narciso
Vocals and Flute by Connie Dunwoody


Written by Meri Dell Ridge
Instrumental Arrangement and Performance by Marlon Narciso
Vocal Performances by Jayne Postuk and Marlon Narciso

Image Credit: Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash.


Lift Up Your Hands To God
Written by Cecile Azarcon and Basil Valdez
Produced and Performed by Marlon Narciso

Image Credit:  Photo by Mohammad Asadi on Unsplash


"Reconciliation Song" - Music and Lyrics written by Edward Owens/Morris Chapman/Buddy Owen//Claire Coninger Instrumental and Vocal Performance by Marlon Narciso.

Image credit: A painting representing various Indigenous cultures, made by Kelsi Bartake, Jordan Raymond and grade 12 students, Bethlehem Catholic High School, Saskatoon, SK


Breath Of Heaven (George’s Prayer); Music written by Chris Eaton; Lyrics by Connie Dunwoody; Instrumental and Vocal Performance by Marlon Narciso; Image: AP Photo/Craig Ruttle


A Song Of Peace (Finlandia); Music: Jean Sibelius Lyrics: Lloyd Stone; Arrangement and instrumental Performance: Marlon Narciso; Vocal Performance: Signi Murgatroyd; Image: Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


Music: Breathe On Me, Breath Of God/Come Holy Spirit Music written by Robert Jackson and Louis Lambilotte Production, arrangement and performance by Marlon Narciso Image Credit: Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash


Homeward Bound
Music and lyrics by Katherine Jenkins
Arrangement and Instrumental Performance : Marlon Narciso
Performed by Signi Murgatroyd, Jayne Postuk and Marlon Narciso


Blessings, by Laura Story, Performed by Marlon Narciso


Psalm 23, For My Mother, by Bobby McFerrin sung by Marlon Narcisco


May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You/Go Now in Peace" Marlon Narcisco and the Dragon Song Men's Choir


A song for Nova Scotia: Like Hope We Rise; Original music and lyrics by BASIC Music Productions; Lyrics: Connie Dunwoody. Music: Marlon Narciso. Recorded at BASIC Music Productions Studio by Marlon Narciso.


"Open our Eyes Lord"


"This Ancient Love"


"The Voice of an Angel"


Header image credit: Taylor Guitars.