Welcome to St. George's!

Everyone is welcome at St. George's: whether Christian or Christian-curious. We encourage you to drop by any Sunday and join us in worship. No need to RSVP! The Greeters at the door will give you a service program and answer any questions you may have about where to sit, what to expect, etc.

The search for a spiritual home is an important quest. It’s the search for a community of Christian faith that “fits” and where we feel “we belong.” It is often the search for a place where Christianity is experienced in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts, and speaks to the longings of our hearts. It is a place with a worship pattern that feels familiar but also refreshing. It’s a place where the lives of young, children, teens and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful way. You could say it’s a matter of “taste.” At a deeper level, it’s about the soul’s journey toward God.

St. George’s does not claim to be the right place for everyone. It is one of the ways by which people, “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Thank you for visiting this website. Drop by St. George’s sometime. Come for worship. May God’s grace in the risen Christ lead and inspire you in all things.


What do Anglicans believe?

Good question! Check out the Our Beliefs Page to learn about the history of Anglicanism and how we exercise those beliefs today through our worship and daily lives. 

What's the 8AM Service like?

This is a quiet, reflective service which uses the older English of the Book of Common Prayer (“thee” and “thou” for example). There are usually between 12-20 people in the congregation and the service lasts about 45 minutes. There is no music. After the service, coffee and tea are offered in the front lobby.

What's the 10AM Service like?

This is a service filled with music! The language is modern and the age range varies from the very young to those in their 90s, with everyone in between. Between 45-75 people usually attend and the service lasts about an hour and a quarter. After the service, coffee, tea, and treats are offered in the front lobby.

What about my kids?

Children of any age are welcome at St. George's. God put the wiggle in kids, so don't feel like you have to suppress it in God's house. Children are invited to participate in all aspects of the services, or we offer a Prayground (area at front of church for children to engage and be present for worship) during the 10AM service. Visit the Children's Ministry page for more information. 

Where do I park?

There is ample stall parking in front of and beside the church. There is also an over-flow area behind the church on the grass. On a particularily busy Sunday, please also feel welcome to park on the street.

Is the building accessible?

Yes! There is a wheelchair ramp at the front of the building and button-controlled opening doors. There is a private, dedicated wheelchair washroom on the right in the entrance hall, and both the main washrooms have wheelchair stalls.

What do I wear?

We are a casual congregation where folks generally dress comfortably. Jeans welcome. 

How can I get connected?

Please feel welcome to give us a call or drop us an email at any time. There are no bad questions! We also have a weekly email newsletter called Setting Sail which is a great way to learn about the community and stay connected. To get on the email list, click here. Also, be sure to "Like" our Facebook Page.