Donations can be made online to various St. George's initiatives!

A financial gift to St. George's and our Outreach Partners helps us to bring our faith into action.  Our work includes providing meaningful opportunities for connection, conversation, and learning, bringing love into action, and gathering in worship and praise. Every financial gift helps us to continue our work.

  • Give directly by finding the site by clicking the button below. Select the agency from the drop-down menu, and complete with your donation amount. 
  • If you chose the Outreach blue envelopes to donate by cheque or cash then these can be dropped off at the Church Office, or in the Collection Plate in the Narthex on Sundays.
  • The Collection plate is always available during the Sunday Services. Please note that any loose cash or unassigned cheques place in the Collection Plate during the Sunday services will be deposited into General Funds.

Thank you in advance for helping us to be a force for good in our community and beyond.

FAQs are available for you below.


After you have clicked the blue button above you may find yourself asking one of the following questions:

Q: What is ""? (pron. Tithe-lee) is a cloud-based funds collection application and online giving platform designed for churches of all sizes. It offers a mobile app that allows people to donate funds in a variety of ways. offers products for Church Giving, Apps, Sites, and Events, as well as an all-inclusive church management suite. The platform facilitates digital giving, custom church website building, church app creation, events management and more. (Source:

Q: Why is there an option to "Cover Fees"?

A: In order to use this online service, charges 3% per transaction. If you select this option, it will charge you an additional 3% to your donation. If you do not, it will take the 3% from your donation amount which means that your donation doesn't go as far. We do ask that you consider clicking "Cover Fees" so that St. George's/the Outreach Partner does not incur the processing fees in order to offer this service.

These fees help cover the cost of processing each electronic transaction, maintaining a secure and safe environment for your transactions, and improving the platform so our church continues to benefit from the giving technology it delivers.

Q: I've filled in everything and it still won't let me click "Give $X.XX." What do I do now?

A: The fields in the form are very faint and sometimes hard to see. If the Give button does not light up at the bottom and remains greyed out, then you have missed filling out one of the fields. Please call our Parish Administrator (250-472-2090) and she can walk you through the process and help you find what information you are missing.

Q: Why does it ask me to sign-up/log-in?

A: The sign-up/log-in button is in the top right corner of the window and you DO NOT need to click this in order to donate. Please ignore this section of the window. 

Q: Why does it ask for PIN/Password at the bottom of the window? 

A: Please ignore this! It is for people who have a account and you do NOT need an account in order to donate.

Q: When donating through the website, who sees my information?

A: Our Parish Administrator and Envelope Secretary are the only ones who will be accessing your donations and private information.

Q: Will I receive an official tax receipt for income tax purposes?

A: Yes! We will send out tax receipts at the end of each month. You can always contact our Parish Administrator, if you need another copy or would like a printed copy from the office.