A financial gift to St. George's helps us to bring our faith into action.  Our work includes providing meaningful opportunities for connection, conversation, and learning, bringing love into action and gathering in worship and praise. Every financial gift helps us to continue our work.

Thank you in advance for helping us to be a force for good in our community and beyond.

*when you click on the blue "Give Now" button above a pop-up form will open, providing a secure way for you to give on the Tithe.ly platform. We do ask that you to consider clicking "Cover Fees" so that St. George's does not incur the processing fees in order to offer this service. You are not required to sign-up or log-in to complete this transaction. 

**FYI - At the bottom of the pop-form it asks for a password/PIN. This PIN is NOT your payment card PIN. Never input your card PIN anywhere (especially the internet) unless it is at a physical store and you are using their Point of Sales machine.