Pastoral Care is the care of members of the church body, performed in difficult times, to help remind parishioners of God’s presence and the many vehicles of God’s love by offering our time and ourselves through support for each other. It is not limited to the work of ordained clergy, but is also performed by lay members dedicated to working toward supporting the needs of our growing community. Members of The Pastoral Care Team perform home visits to individuals in private homes or the hospital (acute or long term care). While home visits are foremost about providing some company and support in difficult times, the visits may also include assisted prayers, the administering of Home Communion, and the distribution of Prayer Shawls (see below). Home visits are a vital link between parishioners and the parish when parishioners are unable to attend services.

To arrange a pastoral visit from the Pastoral Care Team or a member of the clergy, please contact the church office at 250-472-2090.

Interested in joining the team? We can provide training for those who wish to participate in pastoral visiting. (Please note: all Pastoral Care Team members must pass a Criminal Record Check, including the Vulnerable Persons Sector, and take the Safe Church Program every three years).

Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry

During Communion at the 10AM service, those who would prefer the comfort of a private prayer with one of our Prayer Ministers are invited to come to The Lady Chapel. Everything that is said in The Lady Chapel is in strictest confidence; if it appears that someone needs additional ministry and should speak to a clergy, their permission will always be obtained to take that request to a clergy if they are reluctant to do so for themselves. Prayer by request (Prayers of the People) are included at all services; to have a loved one's name (or your own) included in the Prayers of the People, add it to the brown book located on the table just inside the main doors of the church. 

Centering Prayer

On Mondays at 4:00pm, the Centering Prayer group meets (contact for location info). The practice is opened with a short reading; this is followed by a chant or prayer. The group then practices 20 minutes of silence as an opportunity to move into profound silence which creates a spiritual space to rest in God. After the 20 minutes, the practice is closed by saying The Grace. Everyone is warmly welcomed to be a part of this profound and beautiful ministry.

Prayer Chain Requests

Prayer Ministers are available through email for those requesting specific prayer for themselves or for others. Everything that is communicated during prayer ministry is strictly confidential.

Please contact Judy Trueman by email if you wish to request prayers.

Prayer Shawls

On the first and third Thursdays of each month, members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry gather to pray, to knit, and to share. Together, they combine the gifts of their hearts and their hands into a prayerful ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace. Their love and their prayers are woven into the very fabric of the shawls that they create. Once completed, the shawls are passed around the gathered knitting circle for prayers of blessing, then brought to church and presented as gifts at the altar for a final blessing, before being distributed to those in need by the Pastoral Care Team. All are welcome to attend and knit.

For more information, please contact Marjorie Sager at 250-472-2090 or by email.