At St. George’s, the Social Justice and Outreach Team has two main goals:

  • To help raise funds to support organizations that are doing valuable work, especially those which target marginalized groups.

  • To develop an education/awareness component on issues of pressing social concern, to benefit our parish and community members.

Each month, we invite the congregation to support a different organization by making a donation via a “Special Offering Envelope” (the blue envelopes) during Offertory on Sundays. Also, the last Sunday of every month is “Outreach Sunday,” when all open offerings (money not in an numbered envelope) are donated to that month’s outreach organization. 


For 2020, the Monthly Outreach Charities are:
JANUARY St. John's Food Bank
FEBRUARY - The Princess Basma Centre
MARCH - PWRDF (Primate's World Relief and Development Fund)
APRIL - Our Place Society
MAY - Anglican Indigenous Healing Fund
JUNE - Peers Victoria Resources Society
JULY - Shelbourne Community Kitchen
AUGUST - Sorrento Centre
SEPTEMBER -  1 Up Victoria Single Parent Resources
OCTOBER - Anglican Awareness Month
NOVEMBER - Bridges for Women
DECEMBER - Victoria Women’s Transition House Society