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CALLING ALL SENIORS!!! Written by a senior.


The federal government has given seniors $300 to help with Covid-19 expenses.  For some this money is gratefully received; however, I and many other seniors do not really need it.  When lying awake at 3 am recently (a common habit since mid-March) I was ruminating about St. George’s and how being shut-down for four months must have affected the budget. Income will obviously be down (no Sunday collections from parishioners or from visitors) while the bulk of expenses will stay the same regardless of whether or not we are using our buildings and there might also be some unexpected expenses. So, I decided to pass on my $300 to the church. And then I thought (it’s now 3:10 am) what if more seniors did the same? Ten seniors passing on their $300 each would give the church $3,000, or 20 seniors would give $6,000 etc.

So, I throw out the challenge to all St. George’s seniors who can afford to relinquish the government’s largesse to write a cheque for $300, put it in an envelope, mark the envelope with Covid-19 (it will go through your envelope number if you have one or you will receive a charitable donation receipt if you don't have a number) and either mail it to the office or put it through the mail slot by the office block entrance.  Thank you for taking this positive step to help St. George’s through this difficult time.