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As we move into January 2021, we will continue to support The Dandelion Society.   To get more of a sense of how the Society works, check the following link to see a day in the life of Rev Al. He founded the Victoria Dandelion Society in April 2011.

“We live out our mission by being present in the places that shelter those who are forgotten, those who have fallen through the cracks of the system. We don’t have an office, instead we do all our work on the streets, in hospitals, and in jails, meeting those who are homeless wherever they are. The people we serve are loved and appreciated and they know it.”

We will support not only by monetary donations, but will continue collecting warm clothing. A large bin will remain outside the doors of the Narthex, [so no need to go inside], and we have 2 kind volunteers, David and Christine, who will monitor and secure these bins daily. Accepted items listed below!

To donate money to this month's outreach:

  • give directly online here
  • if you have an envelope number through St. George's, please mail in or drop off your blue outreach envelope any time to: 3909 St. George's Lane, Victoria, BC, V8N 4E3. 
  • or there is a collection plate at the in person services on a table near the sign in station. 

With thanks for your support and consideration, The Social Justice and Outreach Team.  

Accepted items for clothing drive:

  • New/gently used Rain Jackets, Rain Pants & Ponchos
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping Bags, Camping Mats
  • Tarps, Backpacks
  • Toques
  • Gloves, Hand warmers
  • Warm Winter Jackets
  • Heavy Socks, Wool Preferred  

Please note, any other clothing will not be accepted at this time.  

A large collection bin will remain outside the Narthex. Thank you!