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Started by the Anglican Church almost 60 years ago Sorrento has been a place of transformation, healing and a gathering place for all and many people have taken part in the programs and events, forming bonds of friendship and taking what they have learned back to their home parishes to be shared.

It is this sharing about Sorrento that we are hoping to encourage through a renewed group of Sorrento Parish Reps.  We are committing to supporting the Parish Reps in their work to bring the news of Sorrento to your parish by sending regular updates on programs and events that are happening at the Centre and by providing material that can be displayed and distributed in the parish.   

We are hoping you will be able to recommend someone in your parish that might be willing to serve as the Sorrento Parish Rep for at least a year.  This person will be willing to promote Sorrento within the parish through announcements and bulletins as well as conversation.  They will receive regular communications from Sorrento to keep them informed and they can contact us with questions.  We will make sure to connect with them annually specifically to ask if they want to continue in the role and how we can make their job easier.   

I hope that you are willing to help us keep Sorrento Centre thriving well into the future by promoting this program in your parish.  

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to get involved, please contact the Church Office (250-472-2090 or by email) to get you in touch with the Communciations and Connection Committee at Sorrento Centre.