Your generosity is changing lives

February Outreach: South Island Counselling

Please join your Social Justice and Outreach Team by focusing your prayers and support towards this worthy agency, South Island Counselling, during the month of February.

  • By offering affordable counselling they give all individuals in society an equal chance at changing their lives for the better. If people have the ability to increase their mental well being, they are more productive, have better relationships with family and friends, have greater self-esteem and can see their true potential in life. This positive change has a domino effect on the people around them and in turn creates a healthy, vibrant and inclusive society.
  • At this time, approximately 70% of clients receive fee subsidies. With your support, they can continue giving life-changing counselling for those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

There is much need for the conversation about mental health and this agency of South Island Counselling, is a team of Registered Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Certified Counsellors, Interns and Volunteer Counsellors who offer counselling services to individuals, couples and families in the Greater Victoria area.

For more in-depth information please go to the website from which the above information was taken:


Your generosity is changing lives