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Anglican Awareness Month is a time when people may give directly, or through their special monthly Outreach envelopes, to a variety of ministries of the Anglican Church of Canada. These include: 

Giving with Grace - Gives Canadian Anglicans the opportunity to directly support the mission work and ministry in Canada’s North and with our church partners overseas. Your donation helps dedicated Indigenous students train to become ministers and future leaders without having to leave their families, jobs or community. 

The Anglican Foundation - A Foundation, chaired by the Primate of Canada, Linda Nichols, and supported by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors who raise funds and distribute bursaries, grants and loans with the objective of supporting the mission and ministry of Anglicans across the country.

The Anglican Journal - First published in 1875 as the Dominion Churchman, The Anglican Journal has a long and respected history as a denominational newspaper reporting on topics of interest to all Canadians, including those who are Anglican. With a circulation of 166,000 that reaches every member of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Anglican Journal is the largest faith-based publication in the country. 

The Vancouver School of Theology - Vancouver School of Theology has been part of theological education in British Columbia for over 100 years—a rich, pioneering tradition upon which to build. We are a direct descendent of a number of denominational institutions founded in Vancouver over the years. 

Council of the North - The Council of the North is a grouping of financially assisted dioceses, which are supported through grants by General Synod. The Council is comprised of all bishops of the assisted dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada. The Council administers the General Synod’s grants for northern mission. They work together to provide pastoral and sacramental ministry to isolated communities in Canada’s North.

To donate to this month's outreach:

  • give directly online here and select "Anglican Awareness." Your donation will be split between the ministries above equally. If you want to donate specifically to one of the ministries above, please call the Church Office to process your credit card transaction.
  • if you have an envelope number through St. George's, please mail in or drop off your blue outreach envelope any time to: 3909 St. George's Lane, Victoria, BC, V8N 4E3. 
  • or there is a collection plate at the inperson services on a table near the welcome area.

Thank you for any support you offer to these monthly agencies, on behalf of

St Georges Social Justice and Outreach Team.