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St. George’s Refugee Committee has just completed our successful sponsorship of Haile. Haile, who is originally from Eritrea completed his first year in Canada on May 2. He is working full time as a janitor in a care home, and also in the kitchen of a well known Italian restaurant. He has been a delight to work with and has been financially independent for many months. We celebrated the completion of our sponsorship at the Blue Nile restaurant with Haile and his cousin Chakka. 

We are waiting for the arrival of our Syrian family of five, who are waiting for the completion of vetting process in Turkey. Hopefully, they will arrive this fall. In addition, we are undertaking the sponsorship of another young Eritrean, Ruth who has a brother and sister here. She should arrive next year. 

The Committee consists of Jennifer Handley, Andrew Armitage, John Sager, Brenda Sorely, Elizabeth Welch and David Stuart. If anyone has an interest in joining the group, please contact one of us.