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On Wednesday, October 24th, we welcomed Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge to present on the topic of the legal and ethical ramifications of Physician-Assisted Dying as part of our Wonderful Wednesdays Educational Series.

In June 2016, the Medical Assistance in Dying Act received Royal Assent and became law in
Canada. It decriminalized medical assistance in dying when this assistance is provided by a licensed
physician or nurse practitioner to a competent patient over the age of 18 who is suffering from an
incurable, irremediable health condition that would bring about the patient’s death in a reasonably
foreseeable time period. This change in law brings Canada partially into line with practices in the
Benelux countries, Columbia, Switzerland and certain states of the United States. Dr. Kluge
examined the history that lies behind this development and discussed the ethical and legal issues
concerning this practice.

Many folks requested a copy of the slideshow-part of Dr. Kluge's presentation so they could benefit from the detailed information presented there. Whether you were able to attend Dr. Kluge presentation or not, we're pleased to provide a pdf. file of his presentation.

Click below to download: