Welcome to St. George's!

The search for a spiritual home is an important quest. It’s the search for a community of Christian faith that “fits” and where we feel “we belong.” It is often the search for a place where the Christianity is experienced in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts, and speaks to the longings of our hearts. It is a place with a worship pattern that feels familiar but also refreshing. It’s a place where the lives of the young, children, teens, and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful way. You could say it’s a matter of “taste.” At a deeper level, it’s about the soul’s journey towards God.

St. George’s does not claim to be the right place for everyone. It is one of the ways by which people, “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Thank you for visiting this website. Drop by St. George’s some time. Come for worship. May God’s grace in the risen Christ lead and inspire you in all things.

Below you will find our Parish Profile document available for download (hyperlinks within to guide you through our website). Updated March 2021.

Below you will also find a copy of our Vestry Reports for 2020. Financial reports available upon request.