2018 Lenten Series: "There is No Longer Male or Female"
Gender Diversity 101

Guest Speaker: Kingsley Strudwick, Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting

Kingsley Strudwick has been facilitating in the anti-violence and community engagement sectors for the past ten years, exploring issues including cultural safety, workplace best practices, and gender diversity. As an extension of Kingsley’s five years of offering education through the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, they founded Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting, a company dedicated to improving staff and client experiences for transgender, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people. By working with teams who are also committed to this goal, and through first-hand experience as a trans person, Kingsley is contributing to the development of best practices for supporting and engaging this multifaceted community.

In their talk at Wonderful Wednesdays, Kingsley will introduce a framework for understanding gender beyond the binary, offer examples of gender-affirming practices, and explore strategies for applying these learnings on a personal, relational, and community level.