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On September 22, October 27, and November 24 at 6:30pm join us in worship to nourish those who live the struggles of justice seeking on a daily basis, to be a balm for the wounds of oppression, and to support one another in discernment.  The language of this liturgy is unapologetically inclusive and anti-oppressive and sends its roots deep into the beauty of creation and the promise of liberation. The structure is modern, experimental and participatory. In this Communion service, we will reconnect with God’s blazing love, taking its embers home to light our lives and thereby transforming our relationship to the world.  If this speaks to your soul, you are encouraged to join us. 


About the name Fireseed:

Twice a year, at the turning of autumn into winter and again at the turning of spring into summer, the ancient Celts would extinguish all the fires in the village. Then, the people would gather and a new flame would be kindled from a single spark. That tiny fire was nurtured and tended into a roaring blaze and, after the community had fed the fire and kept vigil with it through the night, each household would carry back an ember to relight their hearth fires. The sacred fire that became the source of all others in the community was known as “The Fireseed.”