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Why join our Life Review group?

As an older adult, you might be facing a host of unique challenges. You may be craving connection and wondering how to build relationships with others in your community. Planning for the future might be difficult while unfinished business from the past may be weighing more heavily than in other chapters of your life. Retirement may be presenting you with a blank canvas, which could be both exciting and overwhelming. You don’t have to take on these challenges alone. 

In our Life Review group, members will foster supportive relationships with other members, creating a safe space to discuss life’s branching points. Participants will imagine their life as a book, sharing moments in the circle of joy and past hardships, misgivings, and regrets. Each week there will be a writing topic and ensuing discussion. Group members will identify what is most meaningful in their lives and use these insights to form plans and aspirations for the future.


About the facilitators:

Dr. Marla Buchanan is a Psychologist and Professor at the University of British Columbia’s Counselling Psychology Program. She has facilitated groups in many parts of the world and is a former director of the UBC Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma. Her future retirement plans are to work with groups and individuals using autobiographical approaches and she is deeply interested in helping her clients find meaning in their lives.

Blair McLean is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master of Arts from the University of British Columbia. Many of his clients have made or are making the transition into retirement, and Blair likes to help them embody the notion of “refirement,” or finding passion and meaning after paid work has ended. Blair is a self-published novelist and loves telling, reading and listening to stories of all kinds.


For further information and to enter our group selection process contact:


Phone: (506) 308-4163

Registration closes May 23, 2024