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What is Posada?

Posada, the spanish word for 'inn' is a Mexican tradition.  Kids would dress up as Mary and Joseph, then travel from house to house asking for a room for each night leading up to Chrismas. On Christmas Eve they would visit the local church to re-enact the nativity and place figures of Mary and Joseph in a crib.

This year St. George's will be doing a modern day Posada! During Advent parishioners are invited to 'host' Mary and Joseph figurines in their home for one night each. The next night Mary and Joseph will be passed to a new home, until they make their way back to St. George's for Christmas Eve.  

What are the hosts duties?

Mary and Joseph figurines (don't worry not children!) will arrive at your door with the previous nights host.  Here are some ways you can make them feel welcome. 

Invite the hosts that dropped them off into your home, for a conversation and a christmas treat. This is a great way to meet someone new or welcome in an old friend from church. 

Create a special place for them to stay. Light a candle infront of them, read the Christmas story or say a prayer. Remember to be gentle with them because their journey is long!

Do you have a social event that evening? A grandchild's Christmas concert, a parish event, a Christmas party, a choir rehearsal, a dinner with friends? Bring Mary and Joseph along! 

Get comfy in your pajamas and watch you favourite Christmas movie with Mary and Joseph by your side. 

Be creative! We ask that whatever you choose do to with Mary and Joseph, you take pictures and write about your adventures.  All pictures and journal entries will be posted on the St. Georges website and Facebook, so that the whole parish can follow along with their adventures. 

Mary and Joseph will also be travelling with a purse, which you are welcome to add to.  Donations will be given to Out of the Rain which provides emergency shelter for youth who are unhoused. 

How do I sign up?

Beginning November 5th there will be a sign up sheet in the Narthex. Simply sign up for the night you would like to host Mary and Joseph. 

If you aren't able to be in church physically please email who will help you sign up. 

Leslie will email you with the name and address of where to drop Mary and Joseph off the next night. 

Mary and Joseph will travel to their first home on December 3rd. 


What if I don't know what to do with Mary and Joseph?

Mary and Joseph will be travelling with all the instructions you need. This will include a welcoming prayer as you invite them into your home, a story to read and a journal for you to write about your adventures in. 

Do I have to be part of a family to host Mary and Joseph?

Mary and Joseph are happy to be welcomed into any home, whether you live alone, with a spouse or in a family.  Posada is a great opportunity to invite the previous host into your home, when they drop off Mary and Joseph to socialize and get to know someone knew.

How will I know where to bring Mary and Joseph next, after my night with them?

Leslie will contact you and let you know who to drop Mary and Joseph off to.  You will need to arrange with the next house a good time to come by and make the switch.

Where do I send the pictures and journal entries? 

Each day Sage our parish administrator will post on the St. Georges website and Facebook page pictures and journal entries from the previous nights adventures. Please send pictures of whatever you did with Mary and Joseph along with a picture of the journal entry you made to