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Christians around the world are invited to give particular attention to praying and caring for God’s creation as part of the global Season of Creation, observed from September 1 to October 4 every year.

In our diocese, the diocesan Vision Implementation Team for Engaging God's world is encouraging parishes and individuals, during these 34 days, to reflect on creation as part of our ongoing season of discipleship, asking ourselves, how does our call to discipleship inform our relationship to the land, earth and sky of God's good creation? And then to take action in some way both personally and corporately.

Parishes are particularly encouraged to use this time to consider the motion passed at our 2018 synod regarding single-use plastics (see below) and implement policies to meet our 2023 target to end the purchasing these products.

Other ways to get involved

Diocesan Synod 2018 - Notice of Motion #16 Single Use Plastics


1. Parishes and synod office curtail the purchase of products with single use plastics, including rigid foam (Styrofoam and other brands), and to end such purchases by 2023; and

2. The Engaging God’s World [Vision Implementation Team] raise awareness with the members of the diocese and also advocate on behalf of the diocese.

a) With manufacturers to seek and use alternatives to the use of single use plastics;

b) With the food industry (restaurants and grocery stores) to eliminate the use of rigid foam in their packaging and ‘take out’; and

c) With the general public to reduce its use of single use plastics; d) With government to pass regulations that will lead to the elimination of the manufacture, sale and use of single use plastics.

3. Diocesan Council report back to the next sitting of synod on the steps taken to affect this motion and the effectiveness of those steps