Wonderful Wednesdays - Session 2

Wonderful Wednesdays - Session 2

Worship and Music Matters in the Reformation

October 18 with The Rev. Lyle McKenzie

Luther’s intention was to preserve “the mass.”  But he and the other reformers made certain changes to faithfully serve the proclamation of the Word – the good news of God’s grace in Christ Jesus to free and console people. These changes, especially in assembly participation and singing, influence how we worship and how we are formed by worship and music today, and they encourage a continuing reformation of worship for every time and context.

Rev. Lyle McKenzie serves as Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Cross of Victoria, part-time Chaplain in Multifaith Services at the University of Victoria, and as Assistant to the National Bishop - Worship, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.  In his spare time he enjoys a large family and drives, rides, and fixes old stuff. 

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