Volunteering and Outreach

Volunteering and Outreach

Volunteer In Worship

Lay people at St. George’s take important roles in the morning worship, at both the 8 am and 10 am services. These ministries include:

Greeters: Welcome parishioners and newcomers at the door for both services, guide people to seats and to Communion if necessary, receive the Offertory Plates, and tidy the pews after the services.

Readers: The Old Testament and Epistle are read by lay people.

Prayers of the People: Led by lay people and include the biddings for the day and the personal requests recorded by parishioners in a book made available for that purpose.

Administrants: Serve both the bread and the chalice (wine) at communion. Administrant volunteers are approved by Parish Council and licensed by the Bishop.

Prayer Ministry: During the communion time at the 10 am Sunday service, two Prayer Ministers are available in The Lady Chapel to pray with those requesting specific prayer for themselves or for others. 

Counters: Meet after the 10 am service to count the monetary offering from both morning services.

Offertory Supervisor: Rings the bell before the 10 am service, assists with the counting of the offertory, fills in the deposit sheet and deposits the offering at the bank.

Over 50 people are involved in these lay ministries.

For more information or to become a lay minister at the 8 am or 10 am service, please contact Gary and Darlene Fisher by email.

At St. George’s, the Social Justice and Outreach Team has two main goals:

  • To help raise funds to support organizations that are doing valuable work, especially those which target marginalized groups.

  • To develop an education/awareness component on issues of pressing social concern, to benefit our parish and community members.

Each month, we invite the congregation to support a different organization by making a donation via a “Special Offering Envelope” during collection on Sundays. Also, the last Sunday of every month is “Outreach Sunday,” when all open offerings (money not in an numbered envelope) are donated to that month’s outreach organization. 

Refugee Sponsorship

In early September 2015, St George’s established a Refugee Sponsorship Team with the approval of the Parish Council and the Social Justice and Outreach team with the objective of sponsoring a Syrian refugee family to come to Canada. The creation of the team was a result of the concern for the Syrian families fleeing their war torn country in thousands. As a result of a series of events, a general meeting was held in late September which was attended by 40+ people from the parish.  Many of these attendees have volunteered to help in the various tasks required to bring and support a family for a period of twelve months. St. George’s has had a long history of sponsoring refugee families through the Refugee Committee of the Anglican Diocese.

On February 10th, 2016, the Team welcomed The Barhoum/Belal Family, a wonderful Syrian family of six, and have since been assisting them on a daily basis as they settle into their new surroundings. The family consists of two parents and four children (2 boys – ages 17 and 10, and 2 girls – ages 14 and 2). They are living in a three-bedroom apartment in Esquimalt, and all the children are attending school. They have been extremely grateful and all the members of the Refugee Team have reported that the family is a delight to assist.