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Victoria Period Project (VPP) is a Youth Action Committee project from the Victoria Youth Clinic at Foundry Victoria.

Their mission is simple:

· Increase the accessibility of menstrual products for youth in need living in Victoria, British Columbia.

· Provide youth facing barriers with free and reliable menstrual products of their choice, every month.

· Overcoming these issues of cost, availability, and choice, we hope that these youth will have one less thing to worry about.

· $10 provides menstrual products to a youth for 1 month.

· $50 provides menstrual products to a youth for 6 months.

· $90 provides menstrual products to a youth for an entire year.

The Victoria Period Projects values are: “We are committed to improving the accessibility of menstrual products for youth in our community. They can get in touch with us however works best for them - call, text, email, Facebook - or through a community organization. Youth also choose the location where they pick up their products. All contact and use of our services are completely confidential.”

This project is completely volunteer run and funded by donations. Currently the program is at capacity. They need your help to continue serving the youth in the community and to expand the services to support more folks in need.

To donate to this month's outreach:

  • give directly online here and select "Anglican Awareness." Your donation will be split between the ministries above equally. If you want to donate specifically to one of the ministries above, please call the Church Office to process your credit card transaction.
  • if you have an envelope number through St. George's, please mail in or drop off your blue outreach envelope any time to: 3909 St. George's Lane, Victoria, BC, V8N 4E3. 
  • or there is a collection plate at the inperson services on a table near the welcome area.

The Social Justice and Outreach Team appreciates the support you can offer to this our December agency.

Blessings and thank you.