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News from Our Place: This week we enter yet another phase of our struggle with the COvid pandemic as some previously closed businesses and organizations open up. Here at Our Place we continue to provide three meals a day (served from our front gate), paramedic services, Outreach block-walks, Spiritual Care, showers and washroom facilities and to distribute much needed supplies. Our Next Steps to Employment offered a 4 part workshop to help people prepare for employment opportunities in essential services.  We are working hard to  determine safe ways to move ahead in serving our vulnerable population better. We are so grateful to have partners like you, and for the Spiritual and practical support you have been providing to one another and in the community.

Our shower trailer in the courtyard has been busy and supplies are getting low. We welcome donations of new facecloths (we are still unable to accept used clothing due to possible COvid contamination), travel size packs of facial tissues, large packs of cotton swaps/Q-tips, small size deodorants and small to medium sizes of men’s incontinence briefs. Donations of new baseball caps, travel size sunscreen and bottled water will help keep your brothers and sisters on the street cool and hydrated with the return to summer weather.  All donations are gratefully accepted at our New Roads Therapeutic Community location: 94 Talcott Road in View Royal from 8am-4:30pm.  Online donations can be made at

Thank you from all of us here at Our Place.