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[Brochures for ArtsCalibre pre-school and middle/highschool programs are available to download below]

St. George's hosts ArtsCalibre Academy at their church facilities. 

Students enrolled in ArtsCalibre Academy’s Middle and High School programs are encouraged to approach learning with unbridled curiosity. We invite them to think unconventionally and "question the norm," while seeking new perspectives in building their creative capacities.

Our Fine Arts program is infused into the daily curriculum, stimulating students’ intellect, and
piquing their curiosity, creativity and imagination. Through the creation of kinesthetic and interactive experiences, students are taking risks, exploring social skills, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through positive and supportive experiences, students
are honing their leadership skills, thus preparing them for the bigger world.

We have the small class sizes to meet the individual needs of every student and to deliver
outstanding instruction across all subjects. Enrichment is built into our curriculum which
ensures capable students are challenged to accelerate their learning in both linear and
semester-based timetables. 

Download ArtsCalibre brochures below.