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Social Justice and Outreach Team:  (a pdf version can be downloaded below)

Your Social Justice and Outreach Team met in July via Zoom.  We compiled the following agencies needing support for the remainder of the year. We have strived to continue with the traditional ones. But added local, grassroots agencies that will assist people acutely affected by the pandemic.  

We acknowledge that it has been different donating to the Church and Outreach on a monthly basis.  However, we have found ourselves new ways to connect and serve.  We can still make our blue envelope Outreach donation work by:

  • Mailing a cheque to the Church.
  • Dropping off a cheque in person through the secure Church mail slot.
  • Placing the blue envelope in the collection plate, at an open-air service.   

We ask you to please think of the following words:  Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than receive.”   

Instead of having a coffee or lunch out, think of giving that amount to make life better for those whose need we can hardly imagine.   

Try thinking of our beautiful maple tree in front of the Church.  We realise that every drop of water it absorbs will be dispersed out through its roots, branches, leaves into its crown so it continues to thrive. We can see that even a small amount from us can be used to support and nourish our needy community during these exceptional times.  

We prayed, and discussed agencies needing our help, so the list below reflects those we will be supporting in the coming months:  

  • Sep:  1 Up Victoria Single Parent Resources
  • Oct:  Anglican Awareness Month [which includes Anglican Appeal, Foundation, Journal, Vancouver School of Theology and Council of the North]
  • Nov:  Bridges for Women
  • Dec:  Victoria Women’s Transition House Society As the months unfold please see details in the weekly Setting Sail for agency facts and websites.

On behalf of St Georges Social Justice and Outreach Team, we thank you for your continued support and prayers.