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Hello kids, teens, young adults and parents! 

Can you believe it's already October? With all the new beginnings we experienced in September it just flew by! 

I have just finished my first month as an MDiv student at Vancouver School of Theology. Both my mind and heart are daily being transformed by the wonderful students and professors I am spending my days with. 

Through this learning I have been encouraged to work on my prayer life and I would like to invite you all into this process with me. I have included below a way for you to engage in prayer before bed either on your own or as a family. 

I am also praying for each one of you. For safety, for energy when spending long days in front of a screen, for patience as we continue to learn this new way of life and for opportunities to love to those around us. 

Peace & love, Leslie Flynn - Family Life Coordinator

A copy of the update can be found here!


Photo by michael podger on Unsplash