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We've had a food donation basket available in the Narthex at St. George's for quite a while now in support of our local Shelbourne Community Kitchen. Starting this week on June 9th, we will be bringing the food basket up to the altar with the offertory plates where we will bless with the Prayer over the Gifts. 

To try and increase our awareness and engagement in this ministry we will be suggesting items to bring each week:

June 9: Dried Goods (e.g. baking supplies, beans and lentils, pasta, rice, grains and cereals, instant pancake mix, gluten-free ingredients, or boxed cereal)

June 16: Other items (e.g. toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, toiletries, tampons and pads, laundry soap, dish soap, pet food and supplies)

June 23: Non-perishables (e.g. diced tomatoes and vegetables, pasta sauce, canned fruit (low sugar), canned meats, peanut butter, james, confiments, pickles, jarred sauces, granola bars, coffee and tea, juice, cooking oil, condensed milk. Onions and potatoes are good, too!) 

June 30: Most needed items (e.g. canned meats, canned veg, canned fruit, pasta sauce, rice, plain beans, toilet paper) 

A reminder: Due to BC FoodBank guidelines, we cannot accept opened, unlabeled goods, or foods that are not in their original packages.

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen is a community resource for individuals and families living on a low income, who have difficulty accessing sufficient nutritious food on a consistent basis—in other words, they are experiencing food insecurity. The Kitchen assists by providing small-group cooking, pantry, and gardening programs, which encourage community building, while participants acquire food skills and learn to access nutritious food affordably.