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Ruth’s story continues

Despite the almost complete control that her national service commanders had over her life, Ruth was able to earn a diploma in business by attending evening classes at a small college and with the support of her brother here in Victoria she was able to keep alive her dream for a better and more peaceful life. “I am hoping to come to Canada and get resettled as a refugee, where I will be able to live peacefully without fear for my life.  Once I come to Canada, I will be able to choose the career of my choice. Then I want to go to college to upgrade my diploma into a degree.  This will help me achieve my dream of becoming a professional accountant.”

Our role as sponsors

During Ruth’s first year in Victoria, we as her sponsors, are financially responsible for providing her with housing and utilities, furniture and household effects, telephone and internet access, food staples, and a living allowance.  Along with her brother, the co-sponsor, we will assist Ruth with obtaining medical coverage, language training, setting up a bank account, and all the myriad other aspects of settling into life in a new community.    

To donate money to this month's outreach:

  • give directly online here

  • if you have an envelope number through St. George's, please mail in or drop off your blue outreach envelope any time to: 3909 St. George's Lane, Victoria, BC, V8N 4E3. 

  • or there is a collection plate at the in person services on a table near the sign in station. 

With thanks for your support and consideration, The Social Justice and Outreach Team.