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"We encourage all partners and those interested in joining the Community of the Cross of Nails to come to Coventry at least once, if they can, and share in the very special and powerful message that simply coming here and being immersed in its story conveys. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we hold a pilgrimage specifically for this purpose. It’s an occasion for partners, current and aspiring, to come together at  Coventry Cathedral for prayer and contemplation, to meet others in the network, to share their stories and experiences, and to learn from and be involved in the work of the Cathedral’s global reconciliation ministry.

All partners and those wishing to join are very warmly welcomed.

This year, due to Covid-19, we held our first online pilgrimage! You can read about this here. It was so successful at involving a breadth of pilgrims despite the constraints of distance, that we plan to run at least one online and, subject to lifting of pandemic restrictions, one traditional  pilgrimage in 2021 on the following dates:"

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