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We hope you had a chance to read in Setting Sail earlier this month, the latest Primates Worlds Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) news. There is always a great deal of information! We especially wanted to bring to your attention the World of Gifts, as well as the online offer of 2020 Christmas cards.

Do consider the World of Gifts 

with some projects being matched by the Federal Government, so your dollar works harder.
One Example....

PWRDF’s All Mothers and Children Count program worked with partners to empower women and girls through improved health and food security in Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique and Burundi. The program came to a close as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. In June 2020, the government granted PWRDF a one-year extension to support these partners through the COVID-19 crisis by providing medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, hand washing facilities and sanitizer for community members coming in to the clinics, and education tools to prevent spread of COVID-19 ….. Your gift of $30 keeps a clinic safe for a day ….. With 6:1 match from the Government of Canada = $210

You can download the guide on line, and order by mail or telephone by calling 1 (877) 936-9199 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST)  


Regarding the Christmas cards: 

A minimum $25 donation per package is needed to receive a tax receipt. Please order by December 1 to guarantee delivery by Christmas, allow at least two weeks for shipping. Order online, or call Donor Relations Officer Mike Ziemerink at 416-822-9083. Check out the card design online at:
Thank you for your consideration of this worthy way to connect and celebrate friends and family, as we move into the Christmas season.
Your PWRDF representative, Rosamund