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June 10, 2021

The Diocese has provided instructions to parishes on steps that need to be completed before in-person worship services can be held.  Based on these directions and on our upcoming service schedule, St. Georges will be aiming to have its first in-person services at 8 and 10am on Sunday July 4th.  It is our intent to have these services outdoors, in much the same manner as we did last year.  We also plan to alternate between offering in-person outdoor services at both 8 and 10 one week, with Zoom services at both 8 and 10am the following week. 

Therefore, services on July 4th will be in-person, July 11th will be via Zoom, July 18th in-person and so on.  As there is significant background work required to hold an in-person service, this alternating schedule helps keep this effort on staff and volunteers at a manageable level.  

More information on how to register for in-person services and what to expect once you arrive will be available over the coming weeks.  We anticipate that all in-person services at St. Georges will be held outdoors throughout the summer.  As autumn approaches, we will evaluate Diocesan direction and conditions to determine when we can safely move services indoors.