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St. George's needs your help.  Gary and Joy are seeking people to lead a number of projects that will occur in the next few months.  These include:
  • Planning and executing outdoor Advent decorations on the Church Grounds.  This could involve some coordination with rental or community groups.  Suggested weekly themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.
  • Decorating the Church inside for Christmas.  
  • Managing and updating an online Silent Auction. Existing donations can be sorted through, and new items added for posting.  Suggested Auction Dates: Dec 01 - 14. 
  • Planning an outdoor carol sing for Dec 12 and/or Dec 19.
  • Planning a virtual good-bye event for Elizabeth in January.  
  • Creating a virtual Marketplace with gently used items for sale.
Please contact Joy Carroll or Gary Fisher when you feel inspired.