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A new season is almost upon us! Gardeners are awakening from the winter slumber and seeking fresh growth!   

Most of you have renewed your plot leases for 2021, but if you haven't, please do get in touch with Vicky (copied) or with me. The waitlist continues to grow, even with two new beds in service, so please do follow up as soon as possible. Rates are unchanged for this year, so if you are staying in the same plot, please resubmit the same renewal as last year.   

Several members have requested fresh soil, so five yards of Premium Garden Blend will be delivered March 11.  

We've been contacted by Naomi Racz, the new editor of the Diocesan Post. She's working on an article about nature in the church, and specifically church grounds and buildings. Would someone be willing to comment for her article on the impact that the garden has on the church and the experience of worshiping at the church, and how it might inspire parishioners to care more deeply for the natural world? Please contact her at [email protected] or reply to me and I'll make a connection.   

St. George is planning a plant sale on Monday May 8 and the Community Garden will again be a staging ground. Should you have plants in your own garden that could use dividing or perennials that need new homes, there is a team (including our own Marion Parker) prepared to help with identifying plants, thinning, cuttings etc. If you may be willing to share from your garden, please get in touch with Marion or with me.  

Thank you for your continued support - let me know if you have any questions. 

Blessings, Peter Rowand

cell (250) 686-6312

-------- St. George Community Garden - Volunteer Administrator